Work from home: The 4 bad reasons to start a business



Work from home: The 4 bad reasons to start a business

Reason- 1: I want to be free of my time, so I want to set up my box

No more 10-hour days with your eyes riveted on your computer screen! Your program is already complete and you are impatient. Monday afternoon, it will be tennis. Tuesday morning, bike. And then, hey, Thursday shop all day!

A very enticing program. But, perhaps you could start by explaining to us how you plan to develop your turnover by increasing the number of leisure time slots? From time to time, it still passes, but believing that by being a business owner, you will experience the Dolce Vita is a bit too much.

The life of an entrepreneur is much more restrictive than it seems. Indeed, although you no longer have a boss watching you, you must impose a certain discipline on yourself to succeed in developing yourself. Customers won’t come to you alone and orders won’t magically be ready, while you trade a few balls with your friends. So, if for you, creating a business means twiddling your thumbs, immediately give up your project, otherwise, you will be disappointed!

As for a free organization, it is also to be weighed. It is certainly easier to deal with personal, unforeseen events when you are on your own, but you will also depend on your clients and their deadlines. The customer is king, don’t forget that!

Reason- 2: I want to be rich so I start a company

We all had in mind at one point, the image of the successful business leader. Nice car, designer clothes, and shiny gold chain. But, wait a bit before putting away your old jeans and selling your dented car, because they might serve you well for some time to come.

Wealth doesn’t come overnight and you will have to work hard to balance your books first and then to be able to pay yourself a salary. These two steps, even if they seem unimportant, will already be a great victory for your business. Being able to live off the fruit of your passion, even if your income is much lower than your previous salary, is very rewarding. A satisfaction which, even if it is not material, will bring you great happiness.

So, don’t expect your business to make you rich at all costs, because wealth is often elsewhere!

Reason- 3: I don’t know what else to do so I start my business

You are definitely bored at work or you are unemployed and going around in circles. Like a little spark, the idea came to you to become a business leader.

But do you have a serious project behind it? Skills in a particular area? An artistic talent?

Going out because you don’t know what else to do is a bad idea and could lead to failure. Rather than moving forward with your head down, take the time to reflect, to mature a project, and to give yourself every chance to see it through.

As in many other areas, when it comes to business creation: “There is no point in running, you have to start on time”.

Reason- 4: I want to raise myself socially, I want to be the boss of a company

Because you are tired of being little considered by those around you, because you suffer from a lack of self-esteem, you told yourself that becoming an entrepreneur would be a game-changer.

It may be rewarding for you because your future will be in your hands, but it is not enough. Going into a business to shine in the eyes of others is a bad idea because it is your project and not you that should be at the center.

There are hundreds of bad ideas that get you started in starting a business. Fortunately, there are also many great projects and motivated people, who by their work, their ideas, and their passion are promised a bright future!



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