When computer was invented?

The beginning of the concept of the computer:

Programmed computers:

  • Here, discoveries began to follow after the discoverer Tsuze laid the foundation stone for this invention, and among the most important inventions that appeared in that period:In 1936, the inventor “Alan Turing” presented the discovery of the “Turing machine”, which is considered a key element in theories of computing and computer science.
  • In 1942, “Anatasof Berry” and a certain “Clifford Berry” discovered the first electronic digital computer, which used vacuum tubes to perform its calculations and did not include a central processing unit.
  • In 1943, the English inventor “Tommy Flores” discovered the first programmed electric computer, which he called the “colossus”. In 1944, Howard Aiken introduced the Harvard Mark1 computer, which weighed 35 tons and could calculate up to the twenty-third place after the decimal point.
  • In 1946, the two inventors “Presper Eckert and John Mauchly” presented their “ENIAC” device, which was considered the best digital electronic computer until that time, because it was considered united and guest, and it weighed about 50 tons and took up an estimated area of ​​​​1800 square feet, and used in its construction approximately 18,000 vacuum tubes. Since that time, discoveries in this field have multiplied, and many computer companies have appeared, especially after the discovery of the “transistor”, which helped the computer industry and reduced its size. A group of discoveries made by a group of senior scientists of this era.



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