Rose Flower Quotes | The most beautiful quotes about flowers

The most beautiful quotes about flowers

Rose Flower Quotes! At all times, the beauty of flowers has never ceased to inspire the greatest artists. Writers, philosophers, and poets thus deliver thoughts and feelings to us guided by Mother Nature. Discover our selection of proverbs and quotes about plants and flowers.

Quotes about the rose (Rose Flower Quotes)

“He who kisses the rose espouses the thorn. “When you become pessimistic, look at a rose”, Albert Samain, French poet.

“The young girl is a rose that the years peel away”, Xavier Forneret.

“A rose cannot be born from an onion”, Théognis de Mégare, Greek poet.

“Live if believe me, don’t wait until tomorrow.” Pick the roses of life today ”, Pierre de Ronsard, French poet.

“He who kisses the rose marries the thorn”, Jean Dypréau, Belgian writer.

“And rose she experienced what roses live, for the space of one morning”, François de Malherbe, French poet.

“It is by believing in roses that we make them hatch”, Anatole France, a French writer.

“An autumn rose is more than another exquisite”, Théodore Agrippa d’Aubigné, Swiss poet.

“They do not see the rose, but they scrutinize the thorns of the stem attentively”, Lucien de Samosate, a Roman writer.

“The rose which your outer eye contemplates here below has blossomed in God from all eternity”, Angelus Silesius, German poet.

“A crown of thorns is only a crown of roses from which the roses have fallen”, Robert de Flers, French writer.

“Crocodiles live a hundred years; the roses three days. And yet, we offer roses ”, Michel Chrestien, the character of the Human Comedy.

“In the language of gardeners, plants die, but roses die”, Julien Green, American writer.

“To harvest more roses, just plant more roses”, George Eliot, British novelist.

“Neither all nightingales sing equally well, nor all roses smell equally good”, Joseph Joubert, French moralist.

“Convinced of the nothingness of everything, it remains delicious to be moved by the fragility of roses”, Maurice Chapelan, a French journalist.

“Is there an ear sharp enough to hear the sigh of withering roses?” », Arthur Schnitzler, Austrian writer.

“As far as I can remember, there is only one gardener in the world”, Bernard Fontenelle, French writer.

“Roses are not to be pitied … At least they don’t know that they will wither”, Henri Duvernois, French writer.

“We don’t have a child like we have a bouquet of roses”, Federico Garcia Lorca, Spanish poet.

“A city is not worth more than a rose garden”, José Santos Chocano, Peruvian poet.

“Graft rose plants onto vine plants, that will make natural rosé wine”, Pierre Dac, French humorist.

“Each flower is a sex?” Have you thought about it when you breathe a rose? », René Barjavel, French writer.


“Love is like the wild rose, friendship is like holly, holly is dark when the wild rose is in bloom, but which one blooms most steadily? ”, Emily Brontë, British novelist.

“Primroses and landscapes have a serious flaw: they are free. Love of nature does not provide work for any factory, ” Aldous Huxley, a British writer.

“Man, you looked at the saddest, saddest of all flowers on earth, and like other flowers you gave it a name. You called it Thought ”, Jacques Prévert, French poet.

“The most beautiful things in this world are the most unnecessary: ​​for example peacocks and lilies”, John Ruskin, British writer.

“What can we retain from friable matter? Nothing, except beauty. Also, the cherry blossoms and the chrysanthemums and the full moon must suffice for us ”, Czeslaw Milosz, Polish poet.

“In a grain of sand see a world, in every flower of the field Heaven. ”

Flower quotes (Rose Flower Quotes)

“There are flowers everywhere for whoever wants to see them. “Let us be grateful to the people who give us happiness; they are the charming gardeners by whom our souls are flowered ”, Marcel Proust, French writer.

“There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them”, Matisse, French painter.

“Pick, pick your youth: like this flower, old age will tarnish your beauty”, Pierre de Ronsard, French poet.

“In a grain of sand see a world, in every flower of the fields Heaven”, William Blake, British painter.

“Pansies are like flowers, those we pick in the morning keep fresh as long as possible”, André Gide, French writer.

“If God had not made the woman, He would not have made the flower”, Victor Hugo, French writer.

“Each apple is a flower that has known love”, Félix Leclerc, Quebec poet.

“We know the excellence of the fruit through flowers“, Blaise de Montluc, French Marshal.

“There are strange evenings when flowers have a soul”, Albert Samain, French poet.

“The flower is short, but the joy it gave for a minute is not one of those things which have a beginning or an end”, Paul Claudel, French poet.

“You should never beat a woman, even with a flower”, Jean Anouilh, French writer.

“Happiness is a flower that should not be picked”, André Maurois, French writer.

“In women, the little blue flower has oak roots”, Françoise Partier, French writer.

“Butterfly, this folded sweet note is looking for a flower address”, Jules Renard, French writer.

“Happiness is not a goal that one pursues fiercely, it is a flower that one picks on the road to duty”, John Stuart Mill, English philosopher.

Love, if it holds in one flower, is infinite (Rose Flower Quotes)

“Painting is on the surface of the canvas, life is on the edge of the skin”, Eugène Fromentin, French painter.

“The child is to the adult what the flower is to the fruit. The flower is not the certainty of the fruit ”, Christian Bobin, French writer.

“Love, if it holds in a single flower, is infinite”, Antonio Porchia, Argentinian poet.

“Patience is a flower which does not grow in all gardens”, John Heywood, English writer.

“Desire blossoms, possession withers all things”, Marcel Proust, French writer.

“The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told, in the morning, at the table of angels”, Khalil Gibran, Lebanese poet.

“The cemetery is a garden where people come to bring flowers once a year”, Léon Bloy, a French writer.

“Are we going to pluck a day’s flower in passing to ruin the love of a lifetime?” », Nguyên Du, Vietnamese poet.

“Ah! Women, it only has a moment, it’s like the vine in flower! », George Sand, French novelist.

“The time to make love… besides, making love is not Love at all. We do not make an astonishing flower ”, Paul Valéry, French writer.

“Wait patiently for a seed to germinate little by little, until the day when the flower of the solution will bloom”, Yukio Mishima, a Japanese writer.

“The grace of novelty is to love what the flower is to fruit: it gives it a luster which is easily erased, and which never returns”, François de La Rochefoucauld, French writer.

“The faults of our dead fade, their qualities flourish, their virtues burst forth in the garden of our memory”, Jules Renard, French writer.

“The Côte d’Azur is the greenhouse where the roots grow. Paris is the shop where we sell flowers ”, Jean Cocteau, French poet.

“If life is only a passage, on this passage at least let us sow flowers“, Montaigne, French philosopher.

“The man who sets out to pluck pleasures like flowers are seized by death, which will carry him away like an overflowing torrent sweeps away a sleeping village”, Buddha.
“It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen. ”

Nature Quotes (Rose Flower Quotes)

“God did not succeed in nature badly, but he missed man”,

Jules Renard.“Nature is sufficient”, Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher.

“Nature can and does everything”, Montaigne, French philosopher.

“Nature acts, man does”, Immanuel Kant, German philosopher.

“Whoever blames painting blames nature”, a Florentine painter.

“Beauty is only a trap set by nature for reason”, Voltaire, a French writer.

“You arrive in front of nature with theories, nature flanks everything on the ground”, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French painter.

“The spectacle of nature is always beautiful”, Aristotle, Greek philosopher.

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed”, Francis Bacon, English philosopher.

“There are no contradictions in nature”, Vauvenargues, a French writer.

“It is nature that heals the sick”, Hippocrates, a Greek physician.

“The greatest worker of nature is time”, Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon, French botanist.

“Nature never deceives us; it is always us who are wrong ”, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Geneva writer.

“Every man has two mothers: nature and circumstances”, José Marti, Cuban poet.

“Science must come to terms with nature. Nature cannot adapt to science ”, Ferdinand Brunot, French philologist.

“The artist should not copy nature but take the elements of nature and create a new element”, Paul Gauguin, French painter.

“Nature is a universal and sure teacher for those who observe it”, Carlo Goldoni, Italian playwright.

“In everything that nature operates, it does nothing abruptly”, Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, French naturalist.

“We live too much in books and not enough in nature”, Anatole France, French writer.

“Hunt nature with the blows of a pitchfork, it will always come back at a run”, Horace, Italian poet.

“God did not succeed in nature badly, but he missed the man”, Jules Renard, French writer.

No man has received from nature the right to command others (Rose Flower Quotes)

“Nature makes men similar, life makes them different”, Confucius, Chinese politician.

“I am the man of nature before being the man of society”, Marquis de Sade, French writer.

“Great nature admired together is the most beautiful accompaniment of a noble love“, Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve, French writer.

“The beauty of mothers infinitely exceeds the glory of nature”, Christian Bobin, French writer.

“What is an imitation of nature cannot be a fault,” Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, German writer.

“The laws of men cannot change or change the laws of nature”, Michel de L’Hospital, French politician.

“The architect must make himself the implementor of nature”, Etienne-Louis Boullée, French architect.

“Let us leave our dead to nature, that they serve for something at least”, Patrick Grainville, French writer.
“Go often to meditate in nature! Then you will be able to understand the works of men. ““Nature abandons no one to the point of depriving it of all means of self-defense”, Jacob Grimm, German philologist.

“Art is a demonstration of which nature is the proof”, George Sand, French novelist.

“No man has received from nature the right to command others”, Denis Diderot, French philosopher.

“Grace is always united with magnificence in scenes of nature“, François René de Chateaubriand, French writer.

“Success has the power and the obviousness of a natural phenomenon”, Patrick Süskind, German writer.

“Nature does nothing in vain or for small ends”, John Locke, English philosopher.

“Nature is always taking care of your well-being. It has no other end. Do not resist him ”, Henry David Thoreau, American philosopher.

“Always go by the shortest path, and the shortest is the path marked out by nature”, Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor.

“Love is nothing other than the supreme poetry of nature”, Novalis, German poet.

“Nature has put a man on earth with limited powers and boundless desires“, Rivarol, French writer.

“Nature is not lost. What is undone on one side is remade on another ”, Marcel Aymé, French writer.

“Every book is the art of a man, but nature is the art of God”, Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, French writer.
The poet acts like nature: he gives life to what has not lived

“Man is a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a thinking reed. “The greatest efforts of art are always a timid counterfeit of the effects of nature”, Honoré de Balzac, a French writer.

“The poet acts like nature: he gives life to what has not lived”, Pierre Louÿs, Belgian poet.

“Man is a reed, the weakest of nature, but he is a thinking reed”, Blaise Pascal, French philosopher.

“The art of medicine consists in distracting the patient while nature cures him”, Voltaire, a French writer.

“Nature created us with the faculty to desire everything and the powerlessness to obtain everything”, Nicolas Machiavelli, Italian philosopher.

“We must help each other, it is the law of nature”, Jean de La Fontaine, French poet.

“It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen”, Victor Hugo, French writer.

“Nature made man happy and good, but society depraves him and makes him miserable”, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Geneva writer.

“The caterpillar becomes a butterfly, the pig becomes sausage, it is a great law of nature”, François Cavanna, French humorist.

“A kiss is a delicious trick designed by nature to cut off when words become superfluous”, Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress.

“Nature is eternally young, beautiful, and generous. She possesses the secret of happiness, and no one has been able to steal it from her ”, George Sand, French novelist.

“I need winter. Because while nature is resting, the mind can boil “, Jan Sverak, Czech director.

“Go often to meditate in nature! Then you will be able to understand the works of men ”, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, a Swiss writer.

“In the midst of the din, Jihad, and weapons, there is culture, humor, and nature”, Tryo, a French music group.

Proverbs about flowers, from here or elsewhere

“No roses without thorns. “Nature does things well”, a French proverb.

“When you live among roses, you take in the scent in spite of yourself”, a Russian proverb.

“Three-tenths of feminine beauty is due to nature, seven-tenths to adornment,” a Chinese proverb.

“What you eat becomes rot, what you give becomes a rose“, a Persian proverb.

“Wise is the man who, having two loaves, sells one to buy a lily”, a Chinese proverb.

“Even washed with rose water, garlic does not lose its smell”, an Indian proverb.

“No roses without thorns”, French proverb.

“All the flowers of the future are in the seeds of today“, a Chinese proverb

“When the berries are ripe, they fall more often in the mud than on rose petals”, a German proverb.

“If you sleep on roses when you are young, you will sleep on nettles when you are old”, a Serbian proverb.

“If every man every day threw a flower in the way of his neighbor, the roads of the earth would be so much more pleasant”, a Chinese proverb.

“Lying gives flowers but no fruit”, an African proverb.

“Love is a flower garden and marriage is a field of nettles”, a Finnish proverb.

“It is in the silence that follows the storm, and not in the one that precedes it, that we must look for the flower in the bud”, an Indian proverb.

“On the same tree never grow two kinds of flowers”, a Chinese proverb.



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