Places starting with X

Countries that start with the letter X

Places starting with X. There are no countries that start with an X. However, there are some regions and cities around the world that do.

Countries that start with the letter X

Countries whose names begin with X in Catalan include Xina (China), Xile (Chile), and Xipre (Cyprus). Catalan is spoken in Andorra, Spain, France, and Italy. The language is named after Catalonia in Spain. Originating from the innovative Latin, Catalan shares characteristics with other Romance languages. Catalan is the national language of Andorra.

Countries that begin with the letter X in Galician include Xamaica (Jamaica), Xapon (Japan), Xeorxia (Georgia), Xibuti (Djibouti), and Xordania (Jordan). Galician is spoken mainly in Galicia, which is located in northwestern Spain. The language is also spoken in Castile, Leon, and Asturias. Galician falls into the same language family as Portuguese, and the two languages ​​evolved from anomalous Latin. Galician derives mainly from Latin but contains some German and Celtic words.

There are a few former states that do not exist at the moment and that have names beginning with the tenth. These include the Xu, which was a Chinese Bronze Age country ruled by the Ying Dynasty, and the Xianbei State which was an empire that included parts of present-day Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and North Korea.

There are no recognized sovereign states that begin with the letter X. In fact, W and X are the only letters of the alphabet where no state begins with this letter. The letters O, Q, and Y begin with the names of one country each, consisting of Oman, Qatar, and Yemen, respectively.

Cities That Start With X From Around the World

Places starting with X. Try to think of a city or town that starts with X. There are only a few in the United States — and not many more around the world! Keep reading for an international list of cities, towns, and townships that begin with X.

North American Cities That Start With X

Have you ever been to Xenia, Ohio? It’s the biggest city in the United States that starts with X. Here are other cities and locations that begin with X in the United States and Mexico. Places starting with X.

CityCountryPopulationXalapaMexico (Veracruz)424,755XanaduUnited States (Utah)58,657XeniaUnited States (Illinois)364Xenia (unincorporated community)United States (Kansas)160XeniaUnited States (Ohio)26,783Xenophon (unincorporated community)United States (Tennessee)6,819Xicotencatl (municipality)Mexico (Tamaulipas)89,795Xochimilco (borough)Mexico (Mexico City)415,007

Asian Cities That Start With X

Most of the cities around the world that start with X are in China. Seventeen of those countries are home to over one million people. The cities in Asia that start with X include:

CityCountryPopulationXiaheChina (Gansu province)130,000Xam NeuaLaos46,800XiamenChina (Fujian)3,531,000Xi’anChina (Shaanxi province)12,000,000XiangtanChina (Hunan province)2,748,552XiangyangChina (Hubei province)904,957XianningChina (Hubei province)2,772,000XiantaoChina (Hubei province)1,175,000XianyangChina (Shaanxi province)5,096,000XiaoganChina (Hubei province)4,814,542Xiaoshan (district)China (Zhejiang province)1,511,000XichangChina (Sichuan province)481,796XilinhotChina (Inner Mongolia)245,886XingchengChina (Liaoning province)140,000XinghuaChina (Jiangsu province)791,000XingtaiChina (Hebei province)7,104,103XingyiChina (Guizhou province)784,032XiningChina (Qinghai province)2,208,708XinjiChina (Hebei province)662,000XintaiChina (Shandong province)1,316,000XinxiangChina (Henan province)5,707,801XinyangChina (Henan province)1,230,000XinyiChina (Guangdong province)913,708XinyuChina (Jiangxi province)1,139,000XinzhouChina (Shanxi province)3,068,000XuanchengChina (Anhui province)2,533,000XuchangChina (Henan province)4,307,488

European Cities That Start With X

While there aren’t many large cities in Europe that start with X, there are several small villages and towns with X names. Towns like Xiva De Morella in Spain began as walled cities and still include ancient architecture. Other places with X names include:

CityCountryPopulationXangongo (town)Angora (Cunene province)70,568Xanten (town)Germany21,572XanthiGreece111,631Xares (community)Spain (Galacia)70Xàtiva (town)Spain (Valencia)29,045Xerta (town)Spain (Tarragona)1,170Xifias (village)Greece<100Xinzo De Limia (town)Spain (Ourense province)9,836Xiva De MorellaSpain (Castellón province)2,430Xixerella (village)Andorra20

Other Cities That Start With X

There are a few more cities around the world that begin with X. Xai-Xai, which was known as João Belo until 1975, is the only city in Africa that begins with X. Other cities that start with X in South America and the Middle East include:

CityCountryPopulationXai-XaiMozambique (Gaza province)116,343XanxerêBrazil47,679XapuriBrazil14,314Xo‘jayli (town)Uzbekistan (Karakalpakstan)146,400



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