Indoor plants with flowers | 10 easy flowering houseplants

10 easy flowering houseplants

Indoor plants with flowers! For a colorful house, nothing like a few flower pots! Here is a selection of ten easy-going plants that will bring you joy without too much effort.

The Saintpaulia

Timeless, the little Saintpaulia with velvety leaves and pastel-colored flowers has always adorned interiors. It blooms relentlessly over a very long period of time as long as it is exposed to fairly bright light. A soil kept cool and a few additions of fertilizer will be more than enough for it to remain resplendent for long months.

The spathiphyllum

The spathiphyllum is one of those indestructible plants that bloom without too much care. If you buy it in a miniature version, you will be surprised at how quickly it grows. Its very ornamental glossy green foliage and its original white inflorescences make it a first-choice plant.

The clivia

Who has not known the famous pot of clivia with his grandmother! Well, this plant is making a comeback, proud of its sumptuous orange bouquets and shiny foliage. The clivia tolerates a cool wintering (between 5 and 8 ° C), and a few watering omissions during this period, it will bloom even better.

The Christmas cactus

It brightens up the house around Christmas time with its white, Fuschia, orange, or red flowers. In the meantime, the Christmas cactus will only require a temperature above 13 ° and a little light to stay in shape. After flowering, respect a period of rest with very moderate watering.


There are many varieties of cyclamen, you are sure to find one to your liking. This plant is ideal for apartments with little heating, or to adorn a winter garden. Watering should only be regular during flowering, then a period of dry rest should be observed during the summer. Indoor plants with flowers.

The phalaenopsis

A very easy to grow orchid, the butterfly orchid requires much less care than one might think. A weekly soak in water at room temperature, a light exposure without direct sun, and voila!

The kalanchoe

The Kalanchoe Blossfeld is a plant succulent easy requiring only light and some watering to bloom profusely in vibrant colors. It tolerates a wide range of temperatures between 10 ° C and 30 ° C. It supports without worry some oversights at the watering level.


Plant with a giant bulb, it can be grown in a special vase or in a pot. Its solid floral stalk supports spectacular and colorful flowers, sometimes even variegated. Once flowering is complete, simply let the foliage dry and keep the amaryllis bulb dry until the following fall. Indoor plants with flowers.


Under its air of fragile tropical plants, anthurium presents robustness in all tests except of course in the cold. Placed in good light and exposed to temperatures above 15 ° C, it will decorate the house with its glowing spathes.

  1. Calathea crocata

Spikes of orange flowers adorning dark green foliage are the promises of calathea crocata which grows well in all situations if the soil is kept cool during flowering. In winter, water moderately so that the soil dries up 3 cm between two waterings.

Flowering and easy houseplants

Indoor plants often called “green plants”, can however offer pretty flowers. You still have to know how to choose and cultivate the species that flower the best.

Graphic flowering plants for modern interiors

The phalaenopsis

This orchid is very easy to get hold of, and also one of the easiest to grow. Its beautiful flowers unfold vertically on an elegant stem. Choose your phalaenopsis in buttons so that it lasts a very long time in your interior. A few sprays on the foliage, a weekly drenching, and a little fertilizer will suffice for its maintenance. Reserve a warm and very bright location without direct sunlight at midday.

Calathea crocata

The calathea is a magnificent subject with its dark green foliage tending to purple from which very original orange inflorescences emerge. This tropical plant is content with subdued light but needs a good level of humidity. Place it on clay balls kept moist and spray the foliage often. Water once a week in winter, a little more in summer, and keep the temperature always above 16 ° C.


Very original, anthurium is a beautiful tropical plant with shiny lanceolate foliage. Its flowers (spathes) are most often red/orange, more rarely pink or white. It appreciates full light without direct sunlight, and temperatures between 18 and 25 ° C. Too copious watering is often synonymous with failure in its culture! Water the substrate only when it has dried on 4 cm on the surface, and never leave water in the saucer! Spray the foliage often if the air is dry in your home.

The Tacca

Rarely cultivated, this rhizomatous plant is native to the Malaysian rainforests. Named ‘Bat plant’ or ‘Devil’s flower’, Tacca has a very special charm. Proud of its long floral stalk bearing black bracts that surround equally dark flowers between which hang long appendages, this plant is a real eye-catcher. Its cultivation is a little delicate and requires a light and acidic substrate made of coconut fibers, crushed pine needles, and potting soil.
She appreciates full light without direct sunlight, lots of ambient humidity in the air, and regular but well-dosed watering. A rare plant that deserves special care! Indoor plants with flowers.

The great classics of flowering houseplants


We no longer present the azalea, this magnificent plant literally covered with flowers. There are countless cultivars forced to flower in winter. The color palette covers all pink tones but also white, red or mauve. All this plant requires is a moist substrate and freshness (10 to 15 ° C) so that its flowering lasts as long as possible!


There are many species and varieties of cyclamen, each more attractive than the last. The flowers carried at the top of the upright stems, then take on classic or fringed, double or single shapes but always delicately colored. To preserve this beautiful plant, freshness is essential (15 ° C), and watering by drenching the pot recommended.

The saintpaulia

Known as the “Cape violet”, the saintpaulia is a small plant with velvety foliage in a rosette. Very floriferous, it is as easy to grow as it is to cut! A little subdued sun in the morning or evening, a light substrate, and regular watering will be enough to keep it healthy. You will then enjoy its bouquets of small flowers whose colors vary from white to red through pink, mauve, and of course the blue which made it so successful.

Succulents that bloom indoors

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

The Kalanchoe blossfeldiana flowers profusely in vibrant hues ranging from yellow to orange through red and pink. It appreciates very bright exhibitions, ideally in front of a window facing east or west to take advantage of the rays of the sun without burning its foliage. Water it in moderation and never leave water in the saucer.

The schlumbergera

Known as the “Christmas cactus”, the schlumbergera is a tropical cactus that enjoys the warmth and regular watering throughout the flowering period. Bright light without direct sunlight will suit it perfectly. The choice is vast among the cultivars which present flowers sometimes white, pink, red, or orange. Be careful as soon as the buds form, do not move it anymore, as they risk falling, greatly compromising flowering.


Epiphytic plant native to the tropical forests of South America, the epiphyllum is always spectacular (discover in particular Epiphyllum chrysocardium ). Its drooping habit makes it an ideal hanging plant, but it can spread over two meters in all directions. The countless cultivars offer breathtaking blooms as long as your plant is exposed to bright light and watering and fertilizer applications are perfectly controlled. The epiphyllum likes heat, if the temperature is between 13 and 17 ° C, stop all watering.

Amaryllisbulbous plant having showy white to reddish flowersMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)




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