How to analyze people with dark psychology

Read the book How to Analyze People: Manipulating People and Dark Psychology

How to analyze people with dark psychology? Daniel Sebad sheds light on the methods that manipulators use to influence conscious decisions in order to control the mind of their victim and direct his behavior to make a specific decision, explaining that whoever uses these methods is not limited to being a close friend, lover, or a member of The family only, but profitable companies and various institutions use it, whether in commercials or marketing messages through social media. The book explains 13 laws of manipulating the human mind, 7 strategies to learn body language quickly, and diving into dark psychology and persuasion to make people do what you want.

13 Laws That Control the Subconscious Mind and Direct Behavior

Daniel emphasizes the multiplicity of methods that control your life decisions, as they differ according to the people you deal with at home or at work, stressing at the same time that there is a common denominator between them, which is to achieve their goals by manipulating you with lies and deception, so that you do not fall into the trap These people, Daniel developed a simplified guide that includes the 13 most important methods of manipulating and deceiving others, describing the deception mechanisms used.

Lying and hiding true intentions

Lying is one of the strongest and oldest methods of deception, because it achieves quick results based on the goal you are required to accomplish, so that the process of discovering this lie after achieving the desired goal will not have a significant negative impact on manipulators, unfortunately.

Striving to be the center of attention

The manipulator enjoys being the center of attention in order to achieve himself, make him feel important, and feed his ego, and this happens in romantic relationships, for example, when one of the spouses creates problems in order to draw the attention of his life partner to remain in the center of his interests.

emotional outbursts

The manipulator is sometimes very emotional and tends to have dramatic or even hysterical outbursts when he doesn’t get what he wants, which is easy to spot by his emotional, attention-getting behavior.

He plays the victim

Daniel explains that the victim manipulator’s goal is to make you sympathize with him, to feel bad for his condition, while trying to get you to help him by emotionally exploiting you.

You work hard and then you get the credit, How to analyze people with dark psychology?

This method is common among co-workers, where one of them takes advantage of your hard work to take credit for employers.

The manipulator serves you and helps you when you need it, making you feel indebted to him, and the more you rely on him for help, the more likely he will be exposed to your feelings and using you for personal gain.

Daniel explains that those who manipulate you use the principle of selective honesty to cause intentional damage, and this is by hiding some important facts that affect your work and your productivity later.

This strategy is common in the workplace, where someone pretends to be your friend in order to obtain information that may later be used against you, and can be identified if you are asked personal questions even though you have recently met them.

Non-committal and irresponsible.

The manipulator is fickle in opinion, depending on the situation he is going through, as he always seeks to tip the scales in his favour, even at the expense of the other party, in addition to being unwilling to assume responsibility.

pretending stupidity at the right time

Lots of people play dumb to avoid getting caught, and this trick works when the person has a high level of intelligence to show a great deal of stupidity at a time that is right for them.

Blames others in crises

When there is a problem, the manipulator seeks to blame others and not take responsibility for his own mistakes.

Beware of those who follow the style of praise and flattery

The writer suggests that we tend to listen to those who praise us, which is one of our weaknesses, and an easy way to be deceived by manipulators around us with sweet talk in order to achieve a service for them at a later time.

Restructure your decisions to fit their desires

Daniel explains that this often happens in romantic relationships, and it’s perfectly normal for you to base or adjust your decisions based on what your romantic partner wants, but have you asked yourself if you have a real desire to please him? Or are you just doing it to avoid pissing him off?

7 Strategies for Analyzing Body Language

In the second section of the book, Daniel focuses on the study of body language as a necessary means of knowing what is going on in the mind of the person we are dealing with, stressing at the same time the importance of body language to avoid falling into cases of deception and deception.

Study the look, How to analyze people with dark psychology?

A person’s appearance bears many signs of his personality, which makes you able to know many things about his personality from his appearance only. regular.

Watch his posture and body gestures

The movement and posture of the person’s hand when talking gives you some information about him. For example, putting his hands in his pocket or behind his back may indicate that he is trying to hide something from you.

Watch the facial expressions

Daniel explains that what the heart hides is evident in the features of the face, so you should watch the signs that may appear when smiling, or the way you speak.

Watch the eyes, they are the mirror of the heart

Eye contact becomes more difficult when lying, but an experienced liar tends to maintain this contact to avoid suspicion, here you can observe the wrinkles of the eyes when smiling to detect a fake smile.

Listen to the tone of voice

The person’s tone of voice is calm and comforting when they are honest, while it is the opposite when they are trying to deceive you.

Monitor the position of the body

An upright posture indicates that the person is confident and in control, while a forward stooped posture shows the opposite. Excessive leg movement also indicates tension and nervousness that may indicate that something is hidden.

Best way to deal with scammers

Daniel offers a set of practical tips for dealing with the manipulator, as he first emphasizes the need to identify the narrow circle near you, your close friend for example, or a member of your family who you trust will not use these methods against you, and then keep him informed of what is happening with you from Things to be able to advise you.

Daniel stresses the need to confront the person who has been proven to have deceived you, indicating the importance of stopping him at this point and preventing him from continuing further in the future. . The writer also advises that you look for and keep good people by nature, as these are the real wealth.

Finally, Daniel stresses the need to avoid over-analyzing while looking for signs and overburdening yourself with it, and advises that you be yourself, as there is nothing more to do than that.



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