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About turmeric

Health benefits of turmeric! Even if you say “turmeric” in a word, there are different types (scientific names are different), and the ingredients are completely different, so it is better to think of them as different things. \It generally refers to turmeric (Curcuma longa Linne), which is also used as a spice for a curry. There are other ginger turmerics such as turmeric, zedoary, and Java turmeric, but their scientific names and ingredients are different from those of turmeric.

  • ・ Although it is usually safe to take the amount contained in the diet, overdose or long-term intake may cause gastrointestinal disorders.
  • ・ Akiukon is contraindicated in people with gastric ulcers, hyperacidity, and biliary atresia.
  • ・ If you have gallstones, consult a doctor.
  • ・ The degree of appearance of health damage may differ depending on the amount of food that is consumed as a historical food, and the amount of high-concentration health food that is used continuously for a long period of time as it is today. .. It has also been pointed out that the cause of health damage is the ingestion of foods with different scientific names and poor quality control of supplement manufacturers.

(References, etc .: Safety and effectiveness information of “health foods” (National Institute of Health and Nutrition))

  • ・ Patients with chronic hepatitis C are prone to iron overload, so iron-restricted diets are used, but it has been reported that some Akiukon products contain a large amount of iron and require caution.
  • ・ In 11 adults (8 men, 3 women, average age 54 years) with underlying diseases such as chronic hepatitis C, chronic hepatitis B, and type 2 diabetes, liver disorders suspected to be associated with turmeric were reported. It has been. It has been reported that the intake period of turmeric was 3 days to 5 years, and 10 of the 11 patients who were traceable took 1 day to 37 weeks to recover, recover or improve due to discontinuation of intake.
  • ・ In addition to Akiukon, which has a long history of use, taking other ginger plants such as Harukon as a supplement may increase health hazards and interactions.
  • ・ Turmeric may suppress blood coagulation, so taking turmeric while taking blood coagulation inhibitors (aspirin, warfarin, heparin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, etc.) is likely to cause purpura and bleeding. It is thought that it will be.

Cases of ingesting the following have been reported in the “Health Food Safety Information System” project and the “Food Safety Information System” model project (2006–2010) of the Japan Medical Association. (Health benefits of turmeric!)

  • Gender / age
  • Main ingredients
  • Concomitant drug
  • Symptoms / abnormal findings /
    diagnosis name, etc.
  • Evidence of the relationship between symptoms and healthy foods Note 1
  • Course/outcome of treatment
  • Judgment result
  • Male, 50 years old
  • Curcumin, autumn turmeric end, spring turmeric end
  • Gaston, Magtect, Omeprazole, Urgut
  • Gastric discomfort, jaundice (T-Bil 24.72 D-Bil 17.91), fulminant hepatitis (PT 34.2%), AST 1906, ALT 2518
  • Medically verified DLST Note 3High positive
  • Unrecovered (transferred to a university hospital due to possible liver transplantation)
  • Five
  • Female, 69 years old
  • Hyuga Douki, Turmeric
  • — -
  • Epigastric discomfort and nausea
  • Medically estimated
  • Light
  • Four
  • Male, 64 years old
  • Turmeric
  • Norvasc, Lismodern R
  • Jaundice was observed at the time of reception, and marked liver dysfunction was observed. “Drug-induced liver injury (suspected)”
  • Medically estimated
  • recovery
  • Four
  • Note 1: At the discretion of the member who provided the information.
  • Note 2: Judgment results are based on authenticity, urgency, and importance, level 5 (warning/prohibition), level 4 (warning), level 3 (monitoring required), level 2 (observation required), level 1 (save). ) Is judged.
  • Note 3: Drug lymphocyte stimulation test (DLST). This test is useful for confirming the causative drug of drug-induced liver injury and drug-induced allergy (Clinical Laboratory Data Book 2009–2010 (Igaku-Shoin)).

The appearance of side effects may differ from the amount that is consumed as a historical food to the amount that is used as a health food with a high concentration for a long period of time as it is today.
It has also been pointed out that the cause of side effects is due to ingestion of foods with different scientific names or poor quality control of supplement manufacturers.

[Reference] Cases published in “Supervised by the Japan Medical Association: Cases of Health Damage Caused by So-called Health Foods and Supplements (Dobunshoin)”

  • Gender/female, 58 years old
  • Chief complaint general malaise
  • medical history special notes including blood transfusion history
  • Current medical history from early July 2005, he started taking turmeric for the purpose of recovering from physical fatigue.
    About a month later, he complained of general malaise, fever, and headache.
    A blood test pointed out liver dysfunction.
  • Laboratory findingsAST: 400IU / L, ALT: 479IU / L, ALP: 698IU / L, LDH: 321IU / L, γGTP: 52IU / L, DLST for turmeric powder: 1915%
    Liver biopsy findings
  • DiagnosisLiver damage caused by turmeric
  • Correspondence and treatment stopped taking healthy foods, including turmeric.
    After admission, the liver disorder improved, but 2 weeks later, it worsened again, so Prednisolone 30 mg daily was administered.
    Since then, the course has been good, and a liver biopsy six months later showed that both inflammatory and fibrous changes were alleviated.
  • Note: For details of the cases, please refer to “Supervised by the Japan Medical Association: A collection of cases of health damage caused by so-called health foods and supplements (Dobunshoin)”.
    It can also be viewed from the “All Natural Medicine Database of Health Foods” in the “Community Medical Care / Medical Care Support” section of the Japan Medical Association website / Members Room.

Is turmeric really good for you? Anxious effect and how to take

Health benefits of turmeric! The efficacy of turmeric has been hailed loudly, and even “turmeric latte”, which is now called “golden milk”, is on sale … So is turmeric really good for you?

Turmeric is a spice made by drying the rhizome of turmeric. It contains a yellow pigment and is used as a coloring agent for curry powder and taken pickles.

It is a spice that we are familiar with, and when you hear turmeric, you may be drinking turmeric drinks on a daily basis.

Did you know that turmeric has become a subject in the last few years?

“ Super Food lifted with”, the popularity of turmeric in leaps and bounds (!?) …. This spice, which has been prized since ancient times, is now used in a variety of dishes, from soups to smoothies and latte, in addition to Indian curry.

For example, you may know that the British newspaper “Metro” reported that a British Starbucks plans to offer a turmeric latte on a trial basis. Health benefits of turmeric!

However, Starbucks is a latecomer to turmeric latte, and coffee shops in Los Angeles, New York, and other cities have been offering turmeric latte, also known as “golden milk,” since 2016.

Behind this growing popularity of turmeric is the belief of health-conscious consumers who expect the promising benefits found in this spice study.

The most famous study of turmeric is that “turmeric may help prevent inflammation.”

In fact, the compound curcumin contained in turmeric (the yellow turmeric is due to curcumin) has an antioxidant effect, but “curcumin 400–500 mg is 2000 mg of acetaminophen (an antipyretic analgesic such as Tylenol). It can have about the same analgesic effect as), “says Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition.

Dr. Minerva Santos, President of Integrative Medicine at Northern Westchester Hospital, said, “We recommend taking tablets because you need as much as 1000 mg of curcumin a day to relieve joint pain, but with blood diluents. If you take it together or within two weeks of undergoing surgery, you should be careful as it can cause blood coagulation. “

According to the US health news media “ Redbook, “ “ taking turmeric with black pepper can increase the absorption of turmeric by 2000 times.”

If you want to make stir-fried vegetables or curry, or simply season chicken and rice, you may just sprinkle it. And it may be an ant to add a small amount to the trendy golden latte.

Curcumin, a pigment component of turmeric, has been set by the Food Safety Commission “JECFA” as an acceptable daily intake of 3 mg per kg of body weight. This is an intake of 150 mg for a person weighing 50 kg, for example.

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In fact, it can be difficult to get the ideal daily amount of turmeric every day. That’s where “golden latte (or golden milk)” comes into play. Health benefits of turmeric!

It seems that the reason why the golden latte became popular is its ease of use. A popular recipe is to add ginger flavor to the latte or mix turmeric paste. It’s much tastier than eating a spoonful of turmeric, and it’s an easy way to get it into your body more efficiently. First of all, it is a good idea to try it instead of coffee in the morning.

Introducing how to make turmeric latte.

・ Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
・ Black pepper pinch
・ Cinnamon powder 1/4 teaspoon
・ Water 1 tablespoon

・ Coffee 2 1/2 cup
・ Almond milk 1 1/3 cup
・ Vanilla essence 4 drops
・ Honey 1 teaspoon / 2
・2 teaspoons of coconut oil

《How to make》

  1. Mix all the ingredients of the golden milk paste.
  2. Add almond milk, vanilla essence, honey, and coconut oil to the coffee and stir with a blender.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon to 2 above and mix until foaming.
  4. Pour into a mug and you’re done!

A study conducted in Germany also found that curcumin intake may help prevent prostate cancer. According to the

American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. In addition, studies have shown that turmeric has a protective effect against cancers other than heart disease and prostate cancer.

At least in laboratory mice, he said, “It works to prevent the growth of colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, and skin cancer, and when administered directly to cells, it can be expected to prevent the regeneration of cancer cells.” Say. But be careful with this result! More human research is needed to see how effective it really is, the US Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has announced. So let’s just talk about cancer prevention in half! Health benefits of turmeric!

There are still many research reports that need to be pursued, but I would like to mention some new research that has been reported. However, the following is the one for which there is still no evidence that needs research, so let’s keep this in half!

According to an article in the US newspaper Miami Herald, India consumes more turmeric than anywhere else, and Alzheimer’s disease is not as prevalent as in the United States. You may hear a legitimate voice saying, “ Correlation is not causal! “,

One study found that it could prevent the formation of “plaques” (which are thought to be highly associated with Alzheimer’s disease) in the brains of mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It seems to be. Of course, there is still a need for repeated experiments.

In addition, the University of Maryland Medical Center has even published research reports that turmeric is effective in combating bacteria and viruses.

From the results of such research, it may seem that turmeric has a wonderful effect … But before you make a fuss, it’s a good idea to read the notes carefully before incorporating them.

Health benefits of turmeric! These studies, which point out the surprising benefits of turmeric, are primarily concerned with the intake of concentrated curcumin, which means that spices of this spice cannot be expected to be touted in dinner dishes and drinks.

By the way, a study published in 2006 in Nutrition and Cancer found that curcumin in 3 mg of dry, pure turmeric contained only about 3% of the total.

“It’s great that everyone wants to try spices they’ve never eaten, but the benefits of turmeric,” said Keri Gans, I think you should listen to the discourse that emphasizes in half the story because the studies that have been found to be effective are about taking concentrated curcumin, which is different from what we usually eat. That’s what I’m calling attention to.

Depending on how the latte is made, the potential benefits of turmeric can easily be offset.

In addition, depending on how the latte is made, the potential benefits of turmeric can easily be offset, Gans points out.

In other words, if sugar is added or if you consume a lot of calories, the disadvantages will outweigh the advantages of turmeric intake. Especially those who like sweet latte and drink it by adding sugar by themselves should be careful.

Finally, let’s summarize our views so far!

First of all, if you like the taste (scent) of turmeric, there is no problem with using it for cooking!

Add turmeric to stir-fried vegetables, eggs, and other delicious dishes for a nice aroma. However, it is a mistake to think that a single shake of turmeric has a positive effect on the body. As with other popular health foods such as olive oil, kale, and avocado, it’s best to think that there is no magical shortcut to all the bad things.

On top of that, if you want to see what effect turmeric has, you’ll probably need to consume concentrated foods rather than those found in regular foods.

The recommended intake is 500 mg daily, but St. Pierre (above) points out that you probably need to take supplements to get that much.

Also, as always with new medications, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start taking them.

“If you really want to get inflammation, which is often a help to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, you should add a meal of fatty fish such as salmon and tuna to your diet. “Gans says.

Studies have shown that the omega 3 fatty acids found in these fish have an anti-inflammatory effect. After all, it may be better to stay healthy by choosing a method that has been tried and proven to work for many years, rather than jumping into a novel method.



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