Health benefits of cinnamon

The surprising benefits of cinnamon

Health benefits of cinnamon! Delicious in desserts, sold in sticks or powder, cinnamon is above all a spice with many virtues. Always used in Chinese medicine, cinnamon is still known today for its multiple beneficial properties for our health.

Cinnamon is the bark extracted from the small tree called the cinnamon tree, which is mainly planted in countries of South Asia or the Middle East such as India or China. With its distinctive smell and taste that add deliciousness to our recipes, we almost forget that it is above all an excellent health ally.

Against colds and flu

According to a study from the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition published in 2006, cinnamon is ranked among the 50 most antioxidant foods. It is particularly used in winter, added to an infusion or tea. This is no coincidence since this spice is an excellent source of manganese, iron, and calcium. It strengthens the immune system and is, therefore, your main ally in the event of the flu, colds, or headaches.

Our recipe: In the event of a flu-like condition, infuse two cinnamon sticks for about 5 minutes in a cup of boiling water. Add a teaspoon of lemon, half a teaspoon of honey, and grated ginger to it.

Against infections of the intestinal flora

In addition to being anti-inflammatory and calming heartburn, cinnamon has antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-parasitic, and antiseptic properties. All these characteristics reduce infections of the intestinal flora. Its virtues help our body fight against digestion problems and reduce nausea. Health benefits of cinnamon!

Here we favor cinnamon in the form of essential oil. To reduce your feelings of bloating, dilute a few drops of cinnamon essential oil in vegetable oil. Use circular clockwise movements on your abdomen.

Against cholesterol and diabetes

Cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels. It is therefore widely used in patients with cholesterol or blood sugar. Cinnamon is also very effective for people with type 2 diabetes since it increases the amount of insulin production in the blood.

If you have diabetes or cholesterol, there is nothing like a natural remedy to supplement your medical treatment. This is again an infusion. Simply mix a little cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey. Let your cinnamon stick infuse for a few minutes, then enjoy.

Anti-hair loss

On the beauty side, cinnamon also has many benefits. In particular, it strengthens the scale of your hair, thus reducing their fragility and therefore their fall. It, therefore, allows them to grow faster. Cinnamon also contains an enzyme, natural peroxidase, which helps lighten hair in a natural way.

The homemade mask remains the best way to benefit from the beautiful virtues of cinnamon. Before your shampoo, mix 4 tablespoons of cinnamon with 6 tablespoons of honey and a little water. Let the mask sit for 30 minutes to an hour on the ends and lengths, then rinse.

What type of cinnamon to favor?

If you want to reap the benefits of cinnamon, then it is about not choosing just any. The most important thing is to buy it organic and fair. In addition, prefer Ceylon cinnamon: it is the one that contains the most active ingredients. Powder or stick, opt for the pure bark, stick. Cinnamon powder is more likely to be adulterated since it can be mixed with other types of cinnamon from China or Vietnam.



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