Health benefits of bananas


The health benefits of bananas

  • Bananas are very nutrient fruit, which means they provide a lot of nutrients in a low volume. Dried bananas are richer in nutrients than fruit bananas, but they are also higher in calories.
  • The banana fits perfectly within the framework of a slimming diet because it is rich in fibers, minerals, resistant starch: it is therefore very satiating and allows not to crack on calorie bombs.
  • It is in particular very well provided with antioxidants, which would make it effective in the prevention of cancers, in particular colorectal cancer.
  • It has anti-acid and anti-ulcer effects, which protect the stomach lining from inflammation and which would help prevent ulcers.
  • The sugars in bananas are largely resistant starch, which behaves like a “slow” carbohydrate, improving the sensitivity of cells to insulin and tending to regulate blood sugar. This fruit is therefore indicated in people suffering from type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • It is very rich in potassium, a mineral known to prevent and fight against hypertension and limit the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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