Beard trimmer styles | Beard trimmer guide

Beard trimmer guide: models to suit all styles

Beard trimmer styles! Three-day, short or full beard — the various styles of beards are not only distinguished by their length or look. Maintenance and cutting are an art in their own right. Razors and products have been specially designed for this. They use various techniques and include different accessories. This guide will help you find the right mower for you.

For a short result

Do you like to wear a short beard? The Panasonic Premium ER-SB60-S803 trimmer is for you. The adjustment wheel allows you to choose between 19 cutting heights ranging from 0.5 mm to 10 mm to 0.5 mm. What’s special about this mower: Panasonic took inspiration from Japanese art to make extremely sharp and sturdy blades. Its high-speed linear motor gives you a fast and precise cut without effort, even on thick or stubborn beards. With the precision comb, you control even the smallest detail of your beard.

For more cleanliness

Unfortunately, when a man takes care of his beard, the bathroom rarely comes out clean. The hairs strewn around the sink shouldn’t even exist! This is why the Remington Vacuum MB6550 mower uses Vacuum technology. Thanks to its integrated suction system, the hairs are sucked up immediately after cutting, before they have even had time to land on the sink or on the floor. A nice touch from the brand, because let’s face it, no one likes to clean the bathroom after shaving! With its three interchangeable heads — a 32mm wide trimmer, 0.4mm precision suction head, and foil razor — it becomes easy to pull off any style from 2 to 16mm in length. Its Li-ion battery offers an autonomy of 60 minutes for a charging time of 4 hours. Beard trimmer styles.

For technology lovers

Do you like having the latest technical innovations? This model is made for you. The Babyliss SH500E is a real revolution in the beard trimmer market. It is equipped with a triple head with a rotating blade, which allows a fast and homogeneous cut of the hairs. You can easily be convinced by its three rotating stainless steel blades with titanium coating and their 5 million movements per minute. Not to mention the multidirectional cutting performance. Your face contours will be perfect and the cut will be very precise. Choose the height you want to within 0.2 mm among 50 cutting heights ranging from 0.4 to 12 mm. Your mower is always ready thanks to its Li-ion battery, which gives it a runtime of 40 minutes for a charging time of 90 minutes.

For precision

On the Philips BT9290 trimmer, a built-in laser helps you precisely define your facial contours. Choose one of the 17 cutting heights (from 0.4 to 7 mm) with the wheel. The trimmer has a reversible double-sided head, with a 3mm head on one side and a 15mm precision trimmer on the other. The precision trimmer is designed for hard-to-reach areas: under the nose or around your mouth for example. After charging for 60 minutes, the device can be used on battery power for 60 minutes. If the battery runs low during use, simply plug the mower into the mains to continue.

For complete care of the beards provided

The Remington Beard Kit includes everything you need for the maintenance of your supplied beard. The boar bristle brush allows you to brush your bristles with a length of 0.5 to 5 mm. The kit, also comprising an adjustable cutting guide from 1.5 to 18mm and an XL cutting guide ranging from 20 to 35mm, offers a wide variety of cutting heights. The Pop-Up trimmer and stainless steel scissors allow you to take care of the little details. All these practical accessories complete this ideal kit. The mower can be used on mains or Li-on battery, which gives it an autonomy of 120 minutes for a full charge of 4 hours. Beard trimmer styles.

Hair Grooming Basics: Learn to love your beard and live together

It is easy to see why the initial beard styles are so popular today in today’s fashion world because of their outstanding masculine characteristics and originality. History tells us that the appearance of a man with a completely clean-shaven, in what resembles a baby, was not accepted in many regions, different cultures, continents, and nations in the ancient world compared to the tendency of these peoples and cultures to have full beards, mustaches, and even small beards. Here we are facing another wave and a new cry of affirmation of masculinity, and this time it was more distinctive and elegant.

So, the following tips carry all the information you need, whether you are trying to grow your beard or are working on adjusting your current beard to the fullest: Only those with patience can enjoy a beautiful and elegant beard.

Well, here you have decided to grow your beard, but soon you will realize that it is not just a matter of giving up the use of a razor or a machine, but that it needs care and commitment from you. So here are a few tips on how to succeed.

To overcome any concerns you have about your look with a full beard, look at pictures of the greats with a full beard. Perhaps remembering your primary reason for raising a beard and example in it can give you the strength to move forward even though the most difficult hours of despair and doubt.

Most men need between four and six weeks to enjoy a proud beard. It is a long-term process that takes patience and dedication. Therefore, it is important to keep this idea in mind and give up the razor, whatever the circumstances. Shaving the beard does not make it grow thicker or stronger, but rather prolongs the growth process so that all your ignorance is wasted in vain.

Of course, itching and irritation are unpleasant feelings, but in the end, they are part of the price of having a beard. Therefore, it is preferable to wash the face daily with soap and water or a facial cleanser, as well as use an anti-irritant moisturizer or cream to reduce skin dryness and sensitivity.

Thinking about the final desired look for your beard may be one of the good things that distract you from thinking about the pains of beard growth that you have to endure for a while. You can visit the face shapes and beard trimming styles page for more information.

And when your beard grows large enough and you have already chosen the style of beard you prefer, you can start to trim and define your beard. This requires you to have a good trimmer to define the neckline before starting the rest of your beard, but it is usually best to maintain a natural cheek line to avoid strange results. Check out the range of hair clippers offered by Braun to give your beard a perfect look. Beard trimmer styles.

Watch out! Grooming is the key to having a beautiful beard

Your tendency to grow a beard may lead you to forget about grooming or grooming. But keeping your skin looking its best requires regular grooming — you always strive for a neat beard that has an attractive look rather than loose hair.

Moving the trimmer in all directions helps catch dispersed hairs, thus achieving a more convenient trim. As for combing, the opposite should be used. Always keep an orderly movement downward to get a nice and stylish look.

To get certain styles of beards, it is important to keep certain areas of the face completely shaved. Therefore, the focus of the difference between the shaved and the unshaven must be clearly defined. Braun’s precision trimmers are specially designed to shave short and fine edges in specific locations such as sideburns.

Just as you make sure to keep your face and beard clean, you need to take care of shaving tools clean. Maintaining and caring for them ensures that you always have a neat, distinctive look to flaunt your beard.



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