Aptpod announces edge computer “EDGE PLANT”-enters hardware business

Aptpod announces edge computer “EDGE PLANT”-enters hardware business. Aptopod, which develops industrial middleware “ in-dash “, announced on March 8 that it will launch the hardware brand “EDGEPLANT” and start the hardware product business. The company plans to develop edge computers and interface devices to popularize the use of moving images, AI (artificial intelligence), and IoT data in vehicles and robots that are also linked to the cloud.

EDGEPLANT T1 (camera connection example)

The EDGEPLANT business is designed and developed by the company and provided by OEM production. Macnica and Ryoyo Electro are endorsing the new business of Aptpod, and Aptpod is preparing for sales through both companies. We plan to develop products such as GPU-equipped edge computers, control/sensor network connection interfaces, and camera systems.

The company specializes in middleware for in-vehicle devices, and CEO Junichi Sakamoto said, “I searched for a GPS-equipped in-vehicle edge computer in a project, but there are few in the world and I started to develop it in-house.” explain. There is a lot of research and development to accumulate and analyze various data related to vehicles and equipment, and the first stage production of EDGEPLANT will release the in-vehicle edge computer “EDGEPLANT T1” equipped with NVIDIA’s GPU “Jetson TX2”.

The EDGEPLANT T1 is not intended for real-time control of autonomous driving or autonomous driving, but for data processing applications such as video analysis/streaming and AI algorithm development with a hybrid configuration with a single edge or cloud environment. For this reason, we adopted the proven Jetson TX2 as the GPU. It has a dustproof and cooling (fan, heat sink) structure suitable for use in automobiles and construction / industrial machinery, and is equipped with a SIM slot and GPS sensor. The specifications are power supply voltage (9 to 36V), compliance with EMC standard and JASO D014 standard, operating temperature (-20 to 65 degrees Celsius), USB 3.0 connector with lock, etc.

It can also be automatically started/shut down in conjunction with the ignition of the engine or motor or started in conjunction with the CAN (control network area) signal. By linking the T1 with the planned CAN and analog USB interfaces, edge processing will be possible in a variety of vehicles and devices, including existing ones.

According to Mr. Sakamoto, the utilization of IoT data using current mobile communications such as 4G LTE has problems such as delay and bandwidth cost, and in many cases data is processed by edge computers without using the cloud as much as possible. However, with the launch of 5G services, it is expected that hybrid configurations of edge and cloud will become widespread.

EDGEPLANT T1 system configuration example

In the future, in addition to promoting a product lineup that can be used as an edge computer alone or in a hybrid configuration by combining EDGE PLANT and in-dash, it is also considering solution development such as AI development and implementation, data analytics infrastructure cooperation with collaborative partners.



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