Definition of a computer software! A software or an application is a set of programs, which allows a computer or a computer system to perform a particular task or function (for example customer relationship management software, production software, accounting software, etc. Loan management software).

In general, in a computer system, a distinction is made between the hardware part (the computer and its peripherals) and the software part, immaterial (the programs “written” on the hard disk).

When computer was invented? We live in an era of development and technology that is fast and constantly updated, and we have to catch up with it lest we miss the train. In fact, all our work has become based on how we use the Internet and the computer, where we get our information and save it as data that we retrieve whenever we want to. The invention of the computer has facilitated a lot of work for us, specifically those related to science and work, and therefore we have to know how to use it correctly to simplify the…

Places visit in India! If you are looking for a distinctive tourist destination to spend a special holiday with your family and have not made a decision yet, we suggest you tourism to India and visit the most wonderful tourist places with a charming Indian character that are worth a visit.

There are many of the most popular tourist destinations in India, which attract tourists from all over the world and give an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the scenic beauty and cultural richness of these distinctive tourist places.

The list below includes 5 tourist places that you must visit during tourism in India:

1- Agra:

[caption id=”attachment_3436" align=”aligncenter” width=”650"]

Countries that start with the letter X

Places starting with X. There are no countries that start with an X. However, there are some regions and cities around the world that do.

The immune response: your comprehensive guide

Cell-mediated Immunity response! The immune system is one of the important organs in the human body, it protects the human body, learn the most important information about the immune response from here

The immune system is the body’s defense against various pathogens, so what is the immune response, and how does the immune system work? Here are the answers:

Responding and adapting to illness: how does the immune system protect the body?

Immune system

Lymphatic system and Immunity! The immune system is the body’s defense system against infection and disease.

Immunity is the body’s defense system against infection and disease. White blood cells play an essential role. Some rush to attack the harmful microbes that invade the body. Others specialize and adapt in order to fight against specific pathogens. Altogether, they work to maintain as much as possible the good health of the body.


History of Mount Rushmore! Mount Rushmore is located in the Black Hill of Keystone, South Dakota. A statue of four famous presidents — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln — has been carved into the granite rock face over many decades.

Internet history

What is the internet? (History of the internet)

  1. Internet-related terms
  2. internet history
  3. References

History of the internet! Let’s go back a little to the prehistory of the Internet and imagine that you want to consult your brother who lives in Russia in an urgent and necessary matter. You write a letter, stick stamps, send it by post, and wait for several months for it to arrive, and several more months for the response to arrive, while today you open an Internet application and within fractions of a second it is done. Connection… that’s simply it.

internet permission; This invention that…

History of Basketball! Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a Canadian physical education teacher at Springfield College in the state of Massachusetts (United States). He sought to keep his students busy between the football and baseball seasons, during the winter, when outdoor sports were difficult. Naismith also wanted to find them an activity where physical contact was restricted, in order to avoid the risk of injury.

One day he took up the idea of ​​an ancient Mayan ball game and placed two fishing crates on the gym ramps. The goal of his students was to get a ball…

Learn about the 19 most important women who contributed to changing the world

Famous women in history! Marie Curie is the first person to win the Nobel Prize twice, for her research on radioactivity and its role in the treatment of cancer, as well as for developing the uses of X-rays in surgery.

More than a hundred years later, she was voted as the most important woman in the world, in a BBC History Magazine historical poll about the most important women who changed the world, past and present.

Marie Curie topped the poll as the most important, outperforming women such as Margaret Thatcher, Emmeline Pankhurst, and others in human history.

Famous women…

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